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Aruba is definitely one the world’s most popular destination for travel and vacation among water loving people and beach enthusiasts. Aruba is a constituent country of Netherlands. It is a 20 mile long island in the southern Carribean. This place is synonymous to white sand beaches and pristine blue waters. Because of its rich marine life and its popular beaches, most tourists troop to this dream hideaway to enjoy the different exciting water activities this place has to offer.

Among Aruba’s most famous water activities are snorkeling and scuba diving, its waters is still filled with spectacular marine life like corals, fish, seahorse, stingrays, lobsters, and even sea turtles. One popular snorkel and diving destination on this island is the famous shipwreck, The Antilla, a 397 foot long German freighter that sunk in 1940. Most divers would love to see this wreck because of its historical worth and value. When Germany was at war against Holland, Aruba’s Dutch powers ordered the surrender of this freighter, but instead of surrendering, the captain of Antilla sabotaged his own ship than be captured by the enemy. Tourists also enjoy Deep Sea fishing, Sailing and Boating, Wind and Kite Surfing, and even Parasailing.

But fun in Aruba is not confined to its beautiful beaches. You and your family and friends can try the Jeep Tours, Cycle Tours, Horseback Riding, and even the All Terrain Vehicle tours offered in this heavenly place. Or if you are not the sporty and outdoorsy type, you may just opt to go sightseeing with your companions and visit the island’s famous spots like The Bird Sanctuary, Butterfly Farm, Donkey Sanctuary, and the Lourdes Grotto. Or you may just go shopping on the flea markets to bring home some crafts and souvenirs from this wonderful place of travel and vacation. Spas abound in this place and you can even get it right at the beachfront. Indulge in the relaxing treatments these spas have to offer. Aruba is a place of rich cultural and colonial past, so do not leave this island without checking out its Museums and Art Galleries.

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