Bed and Breakfast in Chianti Tuscany

Chianti Classico Wine Region

Bed and Breakfast accommodation is an economical and smart choice when you are vacationing with your family in Chianti, Tuscany. The rooms are usually spacious and guests are allowed to use other amenities of the farmhouse or villa where the bed and breakfast accommodation is offered. Plus most of the breakfast and other meals served in a Chianti bed and breakfast are from the fresh produce of the farm and are cooked the authentic Tuscan way which means simple yet sumptuous. Chianti is the region in Tuscany that is famous the world over for its Chianti red wine, which of course the name was taken from the place itself and for its extra virgin olive oil in which the process of producing was handed down from one generation to the next since the 14th century. Chianti is a place famous not only for its produce but also for its stunning landscapes. Many sightseers and travelers go to Chianti just to see its glorious vineyards, forests, lush gardens and spectacular rolling hills. Many tourists marvel at the simplicity of life the locals lead in this beautiful place, even the activities are typical rural festivities a celebration of their agricultural heritage.

The Chianti Classico region is in the heart of Tuscany between Florence and Siena, the two main art cities. The capital of this place is Greve where Chianti’s biggest wine fair is held. The very charming and comfortable Il Piano di Montagliari Bed and Breakfast is located in this place. It is an authentic Tuscan farmhouse with a beautiful garden by a murmuring brook. This is a perfect place to stay for people seeking relaxation in a tranquil and secure environment with magnificent view of the Chianti’s famous landscapes. You can take tours to Chianti’s historic castles and hamlets, attend wine tasting and Tuscan cooking lessons, or try mountain biking in the day time. After your leisure activities you can sit on your balcony overlooking the garden with the beautiful Tuscan sunset as your backdrop while sipping the famous Chianti red wine.

Il Piano di Montagliari

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