Places to Stay for Budget Travelers in Aruba

The Peak season for travel and vacation in Aruba starts from December and usually lasts until April. Your budget for a place to stay need not hinder you from enjoying this fabulous place of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. Villas, hotels and other high-end accommodations are available in Aruba, but for budget conscious travelers and visitors, here are some of the most popular and recommended places to stay when in Aruba. These apartments are located near the popular beaches of the island. These apartments are clean, secured, and of good reputation. They also have personnel that can assist you in your travel and vacation stay in this fun-filled island. By choosing to stay in apartments rather than the more expensive abodes you can save money to add for your leisure activities and even for your souvenir shopping. Here are two of the most well loved Apartments for travelers in Aruba.

Paradera Park Apartments

Paradera Park Apartments is often referred to in the island as the “Tropical Oasis” because of its beautifully maintained lush gardens. The place has the ambiance of a tropical haven, hammocks, cabanas, flowers, and palm trees are everywhere in this place. The design interiors of the apartments are simple yet comfortable and intimate.

The Vistalmar Apartments

Vistalmar Apartments is a beachfront property located on Aruba’s southern shore, and each apartment offers its guests their own balcony where they can experience to feel Aruba’s fresh ocean breeze and to see Aruba’s stunning sunsets. Vistalmar also has a spacious seaside sundeck, where you can relax or just chat with your family and friends while enjoying the amazing ocean view.

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