Farm Holidays in Tuscany

Farm Holidays in Tuscany would be a refreshing and memorable experience for any traveler. When you are tired of spending your holidays doing the same activities like hitting the beach, shopping spree, bar-hopping, visiting museums and art galleries of the places you have been to then why not try to head to a farm for a change. Spending your vacation in a farm in Tuscany may include such exceptional experience of being able to take part in grape or olive harvest, mountain biking and hiking, Tuscany cooking classes, and visiting wine estates, and join some wine tasting sessions. Staying on a farmhouse in Tuscany allows you to imbibe the culture of this famous place of travel and vacation, and the owners usually provide hospitable service and assistance during your stay. You can expect to try some home cooked bread with the famous Tuscan extra-virgin olive and authentic Tuscan food during your meals in the farm. The scenic view of the Tuscan countryside, the farmhouse and its quaint and charming interiors, the vast grape and olive groves, and the lush gardens filled with flowering plants will remain in your memory long after your vacation. The peaceful and tranquil feeling of being close to nature also fosters intimacy and closeness among you and your family members and friends.

Below are two extraordinary places in Tuscany which provide exceptional services which allow you and your companions to enjoy a quiet yet memorable vacation in Tuscany, Italy.

Casa Irene

I Nidi di Belforte Farmhouse Apartments has (9) nine comfortable apartments to choose from and Casa Irene is the biggest.

The Farm

The Apartment

La Fonte (The Spring)

La Fonte (The Spring) is located in the newly restored sixteenth century farm house, at the end of a path leading to the Villa il Poggiale. This is a lovely two bedroom house where you can have your privacy and enjoy the amenities and activities offered by the villa but at a lesser price than staying in the main villa.

The surrounding

The House