Things you can do when in Crete, Greece

Crete is the biggest island in Greece and fifth in the Mediterranean, it has a thousand kilometer long coastline with several coves, bays, and peninsulas. Its pristine white beaches is a marvel to the eyes of a traveler or sightseer, the blue Mediterranean Sea established Crete as one of the most popular travel destinations in Europe for swimming, snorkeling, and other water related activities. It is usually in summer that tourists frequent this place for travel and vacation.


Crete is perfect for snorkeling because of its rich water resources and its wide variety of sea life. A great variety of fish and sea-plants can be found in its azure seas and there are no currents that could easily drive away these creatures. Beaches with fine sands are not ideal for snorkeling, look for rocky beaches because it is the one that is full of sea life. Aside from snorkeling, coral diving can also be done in these rocky beaches. But all in all water sports and activities are big in Crete, Greece.

Jeep Safari

The Greek Mountains is also open for adventurous sightseeing and men bonding activities through the Jeep Safaris offered by many travel guides in Crete. For men who love to explore the outdoors and are not afraid of some dust and dirt on their faces and bodies, this adventure will be just the thing for them.


This activity is one to try when you are in Crete because the scenery of the island will be very visible to your very eye. Hiking in Crete will allow you to see the beauty of the island while enjoying light talks with your family and fellow hikers. There are many well-known gorges and ravines in Crete that you can explore, hiking and trekking are very popular in summer. Some tours are limited to descending a gorge and ending the trip to the crystal blue waters of Crete for a swimming experience for the hikers. There are also difficult gorges and mountains to tackle available for the Professional hikers and trekkers.

Aside from the activities mentioned above that you can do in Crete, musuems and other historical places are a must see, after all this is a place of rich history and culture. And while you’re in Crete, do not forget to try the famous Cretan, Greek and Mediterannean foods. And pick up a few Greek words before you leave. Crete in Greece is truly a marvelous place to be for your travel and vacation.