Kinds of Abodes for Travel and Vacation

There are so many kinds of places to stay to for your travel and vacation. Depending on the things you need to consider before choosing a travel and vacation place, below are some of the kinds of accommodation you may choose from.

Bed and breakfast – or sometimes just called B&B, is a place that accepts guests for short-term occupany. There are bed and breakfast that are rooms in a family residence, or it may be in a condominium or a townhouse. There are also bed and breakfasts that offers separate little houses for the guests. And of course, they offer home-cooked breakfast for guests.

Chalets – a wooden house located in the Alpine regions, or areas usually filled with snows. It may be a cottage or a lodge.

Chateau – may be a manor house, it is usually owned by a family that has some royal authority.

Hotels – provide rooms to clients on short-term basis and they are usually in a big building or establishments. The hotels have other amenities like boutiques, conference rooms, restaurant, spa, and other services within the same building or establishment.

Resort – is provides a place of relaxation, usually located near a beach or in a place that is famous for its tourism. The usual ambience of a resort is laidback living, recreation, and relaxation.

Villa – is an upper-class country house. This is a popular place to stay among the affluent crowd for their travel and vacation.

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