Lochbay Boathouse: An idyllic house on the Seashore

Lochbay Boathouse is an idyllic vacation abode situated on the Waternish peninsula, in the northwest of Skye in Scotland. The Skye or Isle of Skye is the largest and most northerly island in the Inner Hebrides of Scotland. The Lochbay boathouse has a character of its own, providing privacy and quiet to its guests as it sits alone at the foot of a grassy cliff with a semicircular front lawn projecting into Loch Bay and a small harbor on its northwest side. This quaint and charming house was originally built in the early 19th century as a boathouse with thick walls made from local stone but was converted in the early ‘70s into a house by the singer Donovan. Presently, this spacious and lovely house is equipped with modern appliances and amenities that will make the stay of guests comfortable and relaxing but is still filled with antique and traditional furniture from the early 1900s and with numerous paintings inspired by Scotland’s rugged west coast. The splendid location of the house treats its guests to very panoramic views of nature and the beauty of the place, south eastwards one can see the village of Stein, south westwards across Loch Bay, and north westwards the sea with islands of Isay and Mingay in the foreground and the distant mountains of North Uist beyond. And from the windows and garden one can see seals, otters, dolphins, herons and eagles that live nearby.

George Harrison of The Beatles visiting Donovan at the Boathouse in 1972

Photos: LochBayBoathouse