Indigo Island – An idyllic Island Paradise in Bahamas

Indigo Island is an idyllic island Paradise in The Bahamas. The Bahamas is known as a tropical paradise in the Caribbean blessed with pristine emerald and turquoise waters. The Bahamas islands offer most if not all water sports you can find in other tropical destinations, it is also a place filled with rich history and culture. Tourists activities like golfing, tennis, cycling, casino gaming, fishing, and of course diving and other water activities are available in Bahamas in the highest level of enjoyment.

Indigo Island is a 135 acre tropical paradise in Exumas, Bahamas. This exclusive villa is on the hilltop offering its guests a magnificent view of the nature filled surrounding and the crystal blue and green waters. The villa itself is a fantasy abode it is an example of splendid contrasts with its interiors that are lively yet relaxing, simple yet luxurious. Guests of Indigo Island are treated regally by its very accommodating staff and a private chef is available to prepare your favorite dishes and give you a taste of island cuisine. With all the amenities and resources available in this island you will never lack of enjoyment and pleasure, even reading a book by the beach or watching the magnificent sunset will be an unforgettable experience. Surely you can expect a peaceful and tranquil vacation with your family and friends in this private island where your mind and body will be rejuvenated.

photos: Caribbean Way