The Beautiful City of Colmar in France

The beautiful City of Colmar is definitely one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it so enchanting that it gives you a feeling of being in one of those places that you read about in fairytales. The colorful houses and magnificent structures, the religious buildings and churches, the cafes, the romantic Venice-like canals, the museums, and even its streets are sights that gives you a taste of Colmar's rich architectural heritage and culture. And since its in France, you can expect to get the best in food and shopping. Colmar is also the capital of the Alsace wine area, And each year there are villages that celebrate the wine in a warm, joyful and lively atmosphere. You will never want of place to check out in Colmar, whether you are into theme parks which they have quite a few, bars and discos, theater, museums, nature or even spas but of course all of which are in the enchanting Colmar atmosphere.

The Middle Ages left the old town with superb examples of Gothic architecture, such as the Saint Martin Collegiate church and the Dominican Church , which bear witness to a simplified form of art which is both pure and austere. Originally Romanesque in style, the enlargement of Saint Martin Collegiate church began in 1235 and continued for more than a century. - Colmar Tourist Office

images: Colmar Tourist Office