The Famous Ice Hotel of Sweden

The world famous Ice Hotel of Sweden is a hotel built of ice and snow, and if that is not amazing enough it is also considered a work of art that is built yearly during winter. As winter begins, snow builders, architects, designers and artists from around the world would gather in the little Swedish Town of Jukkasjärvi far north of the Arctic Circle to create each year's design and version of the ICEHOTEL. Only the frozen water from the Torne River is used. It would really be nice to sleep in a bed made of ice inside a room with walls and floors made of ice and snow at least once in a lifetime, a truly amazing travel experience.

2010 Ice Hotel Version


Main Hall

Ice Church


Some of the 2010 Suites

The Red and Blue Hours Deluxe Suite

Tsu-Ki No Ma Suite

Abanico Suite

Free Falling Suite

Gotham On Ice Suite

Twilight Night Suite