Sacha Lodge in Ecuador

Sacha Lodge is one place I would really love to see and explore with my family. It is a 5000-acre private ecological reserve situated in Ecuador's Amazon region, an accessible yet pristine rainforest sanctuary where you and your family may enjoy a true jungle adventure in safety and comfort.

My family loves birds and nature so much that I know we would have a grand time in Sacha Lodge as it provides hardcore birdwatching. According to their site, of the incredible 1600 bird species registered in Ecuador , 587 (37%) have been seen at Sacha Lodge. That's almost 7% of the species found in the entire world!

Other attractions in Sacha Lodge include The Canopy Walk, a new and much anticipated addition to Sacha's activities, a 940-foot (275-meter) long canopy walkway. It is approximately 94 feet (30 meters) above the ground, The Kapok Tower which is one of Sacha Lodge's original attractions and an all-time favorite of guests it is a 135-foot (43-meter) observation tower. Sacha Lodge also boasts of its Butterfly House which is home to one of the largest butterfly farms in Ecuador. Designed as a live exhibition conservatory, the Butterfly House is now successfully breeding nearly 40 local butterfly species! Guests will be shown how these beautiful insects are bred and raised, and later be free to wander through “the flying room”, where hundreds of colorful butterflies flutter from flower to flower.

Images: Sacha Lodge