Reichstag Dome in Berlin

One of the most famous landmarks in Berlin, Germany is the Reichstag Dome. It is a large glass dome atop the Parliament building with a 360 degree view of the stunning Berlin cityscape. This amazing Reichstag Glass Dome was designed by Architect Norman Foster to be environment-friendly and the energy efficient features of the dome which include the use daylight to shine through its mirrored cone effectively decrease the carbon emissions of the building. This gleaming metal and glass dome also preserves remnants of the building’s history including the graffiti left by the Red Army in 1945. The somewhat futuristic design of this dome represents a united and democratic Germany. Foster was given the Pritzker Prize in 1999 for his work on Reichstag Dome.

The Reichstag Dome is open to the public and has become one of tourists’ top destinations in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin's famous Glass Dome at night.

Reichstag Dome's spiral walkways

A mirrored cone is at the center of Reichstag Dome

Inside Reichstag Dome

The amazing mirrored cone at its center