Cove Spring House: A luxurious haven in the Caribbean

Barbados is truly one of the Caribbean’s finest gems. Famous for its pristine turquoise beaches, plantation homes, hidden caves, historical churches, and its people’s hospitality, this beautiful and idyllic tropical island is a favorite destination among travelers who love laid-back lifestyle, water sports and activities, and to explore the island’s wildlife. All beaches in Barbados are open to the public and even beachfront properties may own the land to the high-water mark only and must give access to the beach or must provide a public right of way across their land for it is a right given to each Barbadian to have access to the beach. There is no nude beach on Barbados.

The Cove Spring House is a very luxurious beachfront villa in Barbados that would be a perfect choice of place to stay if you are traveling with a group or a large family. This is a secluded villa with all the finest amenities you would want and need during your stay in this wonderful Caribbean island. It has a half-moon shaped swimming pool with a ten (10) person connected hot tub with inviting Balinese day beds and loungers. It also has a private cinema where you and your family or friends can enjoy state-of-the-art viewing which is said to have been used by celebrity and royalty guests. The villa also boasts of its well-equipped private gym so you won’t have any excuse missing workouts, its fabulous dining gazebo where you can enjoy your dinners while feeling the tropical sea breeze in your face and looking at the magnificent view, a stunning patio which is a perfect place to sip wine, read a book, or just relax, and its beautiful sandy beach where you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling, swimming and other water activities. You may also indulge in such activities as sailing and exploring west coast harbors and secluded tropical lagoons and even play golf for there are private golf clubs near the area.