Experience ultimate marine thrill in The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s amazing natural treasures and the world’s largest coral reef system. It covers over 350,000 square kilometers of the sea off Tropical North Queensland Coast of Australia. Explore the Great Barrier Reef and you will discover a life of marine paradise that is home to the world’s largest collection of coral reefs and 1,500 species of fish and other fascinating sea creatures such as the dugong or sea cow and large green turtles. The most popular ways to experience the Great Barrier Reef among tourists is to engage in some scuba diving and snorkeling activities. Go deep in the water and see for yourself the exciting and breathtaking abundant marine life below. Swim with the turtles and tropical fishes and gaze at the colorful sea gardens and even get the chance to see the giant Maori Wrasse named “Wally”. If you are into marine life adventure, head on to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to get an ultimate aquatic thrill and experience.

The Abundant Marine Life


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