Greystoke Mahale: An Enthralling Nature-filled Fantasy Vacation

Don’t we all sometimes just want to get out of the city and feel how it is to live like the people of long ago? Or sometimes we just feel the urge to go nature-tripping, to be one with nature, to be with the trees and animals in the forest or to just be able to swim on clear waters and enjoy watching the water creatures that live there. One such place that would be perfect for such a desire is Greystoke Mahale in Lake Tanganyika in Tanzania. Its mountains are home to the world’s largest known population of chimpanzees. Greystoke Mahale has been instrumental to save these wonderful gifts of nature and to increase awareness for them. The chimps have been familiar with human company because of two decades of their contact with researchers. The main activity in Greystoke Mahale is chimpanzee trekking, guests and trackers would go every morning in the forests to be treated to an enthralling encounter with the chimpanzees in the mountains, it is usually a three to four hour hike. Guests can sit with them and observe their daily activities. While in the forest you may also observe other species like leopards, bushbuck, bushpig, and other primates. There are also many kinds of birds and butterflies that you may encounter throughout your hiking. The waters of Lake Tanganyika, is the second deepest in the world and is the world’s longest freshwater lake is filled with over 250 species of tropical fish. You may swim, snorkel or kayak on this marvelously unpolluted lake water.

Greystoke Mahale boasts of its six beautifully designed bandas accommodation. Banda is the traditional thatched huts of Central Africa. Each banda is well furnished and has its own sleeping area, a dressing area, a bathroom with shower and flush toilet and a veranda on the main level. These exotic bandas are open-fronted looking out over the lake treating its guests every morning with a spectacular view of its surroundings. Life is easy on this nature paradise, you can just go barefoot on the beach or relax in your own banda’s chill-out deck enjoying the luxury of being able to spend some quality time in this wonderful place. Dinner can be taken in the tented dining area or on the beach where you can eat your dinner while stargazing. There are no cell phone coverage and Wi-Fi in Greystoke Mahale, it is just you and nature in your fantasy vacation.

photos: GreystokeMahale, ArchitecturalDigest