Cannes: A place of Pleasure, Glamour, and Style

It is said that if you truly want to experience how to live in pleasure and style, you only have to go to Cannes but make sure you have enough dough or moolah to spend. The city of Cannes is a place for the truly rich and who are willing to part with their money in exchange of the pleasures this place can offer. You will not want of delightful activities to do and exciting places to go to in Cannes.

The center of activities in Cannes is the waterfront avenue of La Croisette, it is filled with expensive boutiques, restaurants and cafes, gorgeous palm trees, and first class beaches and resorts. One can see the breathtaking view of La Croisette from Le Suquet, an old town in Cannes known for its old-fashioned passageways and little squares where tourists and visitors enjoy taking a leisurely walk and stroll.

Cannes has a very lively and exciting atmosphere at night. Nights in this city is never dull, casinos, bars and nightclubs of every kind open their doors to their fun-seeking clientele. The nightlife in this city is outrageously exciting, it seems that the city has a life of its own at night. The upscale bars are filled with celebrities and wealthy customers who are letting their guard down and enjoying themselves. The hippest bars in town for the young crowd are always filled with tourists and locals who will gamely offer their visitors a shot of vodka or drinks of their choice. Most of the bars and club are open until the wee hours of the morning. Cannes is also home to the famous Casino Croisette. People go to Casino Croisette not just to gamble and try their luck, but also to show off their designer dresses and expensive jewelries and to socialize among their friends. Other famous casinos in Cannes are Palm Beach Casino at Pointe de la Croisette and Casino des Princes on boulevard de la Croisette.

For tourists and visitors who are into culture and arts, Cannes is filled with notable museums and art galleries like The Musee d’Art et d’Histoire de Provence, Musee de la Castre, Musee de la Marine, Musee de la Mer, La Malmaison, Musee de la Photographie and Musee International de la Parfumerie. And while in Cannes try the delectable seafoods, gourmet foods, and other great foods in this part of the world. Cannes is truly a place to consider for your travel and vacation.