Chumbe Island Resort in Africa is perfect for Environmentally Conscious Travelers

Chumbe Island Resort is a perfect getaway for the environmentally conscious travelers. Eco-friendly vacations are becoming more and more popular these days and a stay at Chumbe Island Resort will definitely be an adventure that you will remember forever. The Chumbe Island Resort is in Tanzania, Africa and is 8 miles off the coast of Zanzibar. The whole island is a nature reserve and visitors may explore its beauty through the guidance of park rangers or even on their own. This 16 acres of natural beauty and scenic waters is a Marine Protected Area (MPA). The Chumbe Island Coral Park Project aims to preserve the island’s exceptionally rich natural environment. Visitors may snorkel in the unique shallow water Reef Sanctuary or explore the Forest Reserve and other historical monuments in the island. Even a lazy day in a hammock reading a book or taking a nap feeling the fresh sea breeze on your face would be a great way to spend your time in this island. The bungalows for guests on the island are superbly designed based on state-of-the-art eco-architecture and eco-technology. The bungalows’ open design allows natural light and air to get in allowing visitors to experience and enjoy natural unpolluted air. The bungalows are furnished with handmade furniture and decorated with African art and colorful fabrics. The laid back atmosphere of the island will help you relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. A week’s vacation on Chumbe Island Resort will definitely satisfy any environmentally conscious traveler.

According to Private Islands Online. As there is no ground water source in the rocky substrate of the island, each bungalow collects its own freshwater supply from rainwater (captured from the specially designed expanse of roof) during the rainy season. This rainwater passes through a complex filtration system and is stored in spacious underground cisterns (under each living room). The water is then hand-pumped (by either Ali, Juma or Yussuf on the Chumbe Team) through a solar-powered heating system into hot & cold-water containers for the shower and hand basin in the bathroom.
The used water from showers and basins is filtered through particulate filters, ending in specially sealed plant beds so that no polluted water will seep into the Reef Sanctuary. These beds are planted with species that are demanding in water and nutrients, and therefore easily absorb any remaining nitrates and phosphates.